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Handwriting Development Workshop
  • Evaluating The 5 Elements Of A Scientific Handwriting
  • ​Ergonomics Of Writing - The Scientific Positioning Of Body, Pen & Paper
  • Finger Flexion Exercises For Stress Free Writing
  • The Science Behind Choosing The Right Pen / Pencil
  • Speed Writing - The Combination Of Legibility - Speed - Comprehension
  • ​Hand Exercises - Develop The Co-ordination Between Your Hand & Mind

The World Needs You Webinar Series

Learn A Skill & Make A Career
  • Discover The Uniqueness Of Your Personality Through Handwriting.
  • ​The Right Approach To Learn Handwriting Analysis – It’s Not About Matching The Letters.
  • What Does A Scientific Signature Mean?
  • What Forms The Base Of Your Personality & The Co-relation With The Traits?
  • The Language Of Transformation – Identification Is Easy But Communicating The Real Meaning Is The Key
  • ​​Experience The Wonder Of Changing Your Handwriting To Change Your Life

For A LIVE Webinar & Explore The Possibility of Becoming A Part Of
The Billion $ - Personal Development Industry 

The Professional Approach

Become A Certified Handwriting Grapho-Analytical Therapist
  • Trait Stacking – The Combination Of Two & More Traits.
  • ​New Understanding Of The Human Behaviour
  • A 30-Day Structured System To Master Grapho-Therapy
  • Your Gateway To A New Professional Career
  • A Digital System To Present Yourself To The World Around
  • Become A Member Of The International Council Of Graphologist

Start Your Journey In The World Of Possibilities - with THE FIRST STEP PROGRAM

The Inner Physician

Exclusive Program For Professional Handwriting Analyst

Health & Handwriting - The New Dimension Of Analysis

Handwriting Facilitator Program

A Flagship Program -
Of Global Penmanship Academy

Join Us & Be Instrumental in Students Having a Scientific Handwriting

The Write Start

Have A WRITE Start To Your Day

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